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Reflection diary

Reflection  diary

Reflection  diary - Miroslav Todorov Feedback about the Project  Sport Activities : The Path to Social  Inclusion

I learned things about functional sports activities, working methods including movement and sport, adaptation and possible dangers for people with disabilities, such as discharges and refugees. I am aware that the government is doing everything possible to integrate everyone in need, such as refugees and people with varying degrees of disability, but I am convinced that this is not enough. We were among people who abandoned their homes and countries for various reasons, as well as for terrorism and war. All of whom I managed to contact wanted to find and sought a more peaceful and good life for themselves and their families. I think a project such as this opens the learning process and motivates civil society to do more to make a small group of hares a good chance. All the things i learned are presented in a very professional and interesting way, easy to understand and accessible for practices. Sports games and working methods for movement and sport and their adaptation and suppression for disadvantaged people, such as disabilities and refugees, were all very well presented in practice by various colleagues and by the organizers of the training. Thanks for the patience and understanding of the whole group.